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Driving a vehicle is not something to be taken lightly. As Canada’s population grows, both in cities, suburban areas and more people move northward into the rest of the country, the potential for accidents and the amount of time spent navigating traffic increases. Operating a motor vehicle is part and parcel of modern life.

Driving Skills for Life

Knowing how to do all of these things makes you a competent and responsible driver. This is what we aim to teach our students at All Pass Driving School. Our lessons are designed to give young and first time drivers the practical and technical knowledge and experience they need in order to ensure their own safety and, importantly, the safety of others while on the roads.Read More »

Driving Safety & Responsibility

The skills you learn at All Pass Driving School are transferable and will provide you with the knowledge needed to be a safe and responsible driver wherever you go in the world. Owning and/or operating a motor vehicle requires a tremendous amount of responsibility, as well as some basic skills and know-how to safely get you from point A to point B. Driving lessons with All Pass Driving School will set you up for a safe and successful future of driving.Read More »

Importance of Driving School in Ontario

Whether for school, work, pleasure, practicality, or, likely, some combination of all of these, most people will spend a considerable amount of time in and around cars throughout their lives. The term “driving” sounds, and is typically used in quite straightforward fashion, but when you break it down, driving on today’s roads involves a large number of tasks.

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Driving Rules

What's so important about learning to drive?
Understanding your own vehicle
Understanding your own vehicle Your vehicle
Understanding other people’s vehicles
Understanding other people’s vehicles Other vehicles
Understanding the rules of the road
Understanding the rules of the road Driving Rules
Being able to predict drivers
Being able to predict drivers Predict Drivers
Quick & accurate decisions
Quick & accurate decisions Accurate Decisions


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