COVID-19 Consent Form must be filled 24 hours prior meeting your Instructor

  • Payer can be Parent/Guardian or the person paying for this course
  • You must have a confirmation text from your driving Instructor when booking driving lessons (This is required in case of dispute)
  • Please confirm your vaccination ,if you received both doses please write fully vaccinated if only one dose Please write first dose only
  • Please write Driving Instructor first name
    COVID-19 Private In-Car Lessons Liability Waiver . Please read all the following Declaration & Agreement, Your submission indicates that you understand the agreement and wish to proceed with a scheduled private In-Car lessons ANY FALSE STATEMENTS MAY LEAD TO LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST STUDENT DRIVER/APPLICANT AND OR PARENT/GUARDIAN (IF APPLICANT UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE)
    Please read everything carefully before selecting YES OR NO
    I hereby agree to bring and wear my own face mask ,gloves and bring my own hand sanitizer during all driving lessons, Instructors may also use thermometer to make sure your body's temperature is normal. All Pass Driving School Instructors will maintain social distancing and Ontario Guidelines of Health.
    All Pass Driving School LTD. and its employees, officers and Driving Instructors will take every known precaution possible to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), however, there are certain inherent risks of participating in the in-car lessons which are totally outside of the control of our Driving instructors. If any of the above questions are answered with a “YES”, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BOOK DRIVING LESSONS FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS .
    I hereby indemnify, remise, release, discharge, acquit and forgive All Pass Driving School LTD. and their employees and contractors from all actions, causes of actions, suits, duties, demands claims, costs and expenses of any kind related to any health risks or adverse health related consequences, arising as a result of in-car lessons.