Learning Defensive Driving

Good driving is defensive driving

If there is one mantra that is universally repeated throughout driving instruction, it is defensive driving. Defensive driving means learning to read the environment and anticipate the behavior of other drivers in order to avoid Collisions and potential hazards. All Pass Driving’s defensive driving training aims to instill the fundamentals of defensive driving so you are well-equipped to handle any and everything the road and your fellow drivers might throw at you. It includes:

● Reading road signs, lines and other traffic control procedures
● Utilizing and always insisting upon all of your car’s safety devices
● Instilling the industry-standard “Smith System” which teaches the fundamentals of spatial awareness
● City driving and freeway/highway driving
● Education on impaired driving (including how to spot it)
● Collision avoidance
● The importance of attitude
● Responsible driver in general

Defensive driving is safe driving

Defensive driving exists in opposition to aggressive driving. Aggressive drivers are easy to spot on the road and put their own safety and the safety of others at risk. If defensive driving is defined by spatial awareness, cautiousness and forethought/planning for the worst case scenario, aggressive driving is impulsive, dangerous and selfish. Aggressive drivers want to “get there first,” overestimate their own driving ability and don’t give themselves or other drivers enough space to safely maneuver on the road.

At All Pass Driving our mission is to turn out competent defensive drivers who are able to pass their road exams on their first try and be safely and responsibly driving Ontario roads. Our defensive driving training teaches new and young drivers how to respond to and anticipate common road threats, providing them with the theory and skills to handle, and hopefully avoid potentially dangerous driving situations.

Contact All Pass Driving today and rest assured that your defensive driving knowledge will serve you now and well into the future.

The content was relevant and made me feel more confident with my driving skills.The Instructor was great he moved with the pace of the class and made the learning interesting ,he also gives lots of tips on how to Pass your G2 road test.  

- Avery Birchard -

Was an all good pleasant experience .My In class Instructor Bruce allowed me to learn variety of new information about defensive driving .He not only told us points but he further explained them and gave examples,which helped me better understand ,I highly recommend All Pass to everyone .

- Kayla Barrette -

All Pass is amazing driving school I really enjoyed the learning atmosphere,and the Instructors are very helpful really do recommend ALL PASS

- Emily Felix -

Amazing course I recommend to everyone to go to All Pass. I heard from my friends at school that All Pass is better and more efficient than other driving school .It is a great way to get your G2 faster the instructor Bruce was very helpful and he taught at the pace of the class,while making sure everyone was understanding and following the lessons. I feel very confident on the roads Thanks to This Course and All Pass

- Kerri Dunlop -

very informative and helpful course.

- Kara Phillips -

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