Defensive & Driver Improvement Package

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  • Required by MTO if you received a letter to do this.DEFENSIVE & DRIVER IMPROVEMENT COURSE

  • 6 Hours of In-Class training
  • 1 Hours of In-Car training
  • Or, if you want to Up date your driving Knowledge and skills
  • Defensive & Driver Improvement
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In-Class Training

  • 5- Key Points for Observation
  • Demerit Point System in Ontario
  • Drink and Driving
  • Alcohol Effect and your BAC while Driving
  • Speed and its Effect on Force of Impact
  • Driving around Large Vehicles
  • Freeway Driving /Choosing the Right Lane
  • Kinds of Turning around


In-Car Training

  • How to Use your Eyes Effectively while Driving
  • Hand Over Hand Steering Method
  • How to Be Aware of Distracted Drivers
  • Right of Way Rules