Driver improvement and learning

A good driver always seeks to improve

Over time, even good drivers can end up forgetting things, or picking up bad habits which compromise their ability to drive safely and responsibly, and need driver improvement. This can be particularly true for people who have been driving the longest. Sometimes driver improvement courses are required parts of license renewal for seniors and older drivers and we at All Pass Driving take great pride in our ability to ensure that seniors are able to stay driving and maintain their independence. Our driver improvement service includes in-class and in-car components.

What the course gives you

The driver improvement course involves 6 hours of in-class training and an additional hour of in-car training. This 7-hour course will provide you with a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to navigate the roads and highways of Ontario, and will give other drivers confidence in your abilities as well. This course is relatively short and provides a comprehensive recap of things you likely already know, but may have forgotten (or for which you could use a refresher). Our instructors are patient, kind and will work with you to make sure you leave the course with driving abilities that have actually been improved.

In-class training

In-class training involves comprehensive instruction from a licensed and trained driving professional and includes things like:

● Observational improvement
● A rundown of the demerit point system in Ontario
● The effects of alcohol on driving and BAC information
● A recap of basic highway and city driving maneuvers (including signalling and turning, merging and lane choice)
● How to pass Ontario G1 exam

In-car training

The in-car component of the driver improvement course is much like the in-car component of the new drivers education. It includes:

● Instruction of effective observation techniques to implement while driving
● How to correctly grip the wheel and turn
● Making sure one is always aware and on the lookout for distracted drivers on the road
● Knowing how to observe and follow right of way rules
● All driving skills to make you understand all rules of the roads and Pass your road test with ease

The content was relevant and made me feel more confident with my driving skills.The Instructor was great he moved with the pace of the class and made the learning interesting ,he also gives lots of tips on how to Pass your G2 road test.  

- Avery Birchard -

Was an all good pleasant experience .My In class Instructor Bruce allowed me to learn variety of new information about defensive driving .He not only told us points but he further explained them and gave examples,which helped me better understand ,I highly recommend All Pass to everyone .

- Kayla Barrette -

All Pass is amazing driving school I really enjoyed the learning atmosphere,and the Instructors are very helpful really do recommend ALL PASS

- Emily Felix -

Amazing course I recommend to everyone to go to All Pass. I heard from my friends at school that All Pass is better and more efficient than other driving school .It is a great way to get your G2 faster the instructor Bruce was very helpful and he taught at the pace of the class,while making sure everyone was understanding and following the lessons. I feel very confident on the roads Thanks to This Course and All Pass

- Kerri Dunlop -

very informative and helpful course.

- Kara Phillips -

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