Getting Your driving License

Becoming a licensed driver

Once you have completed your in-class and in-car driving lessons, you will be confident in your abilities, have taken the provincial driving exam and finally gotten that coveted driving license, you are officially an Ontario driver. In order to get your license in Ontario, there are some basic criteria which need to be met. In addition to being 16 years of age, you must complete the three stages of licensing:

● The first state is writing and passing the G1
● The second stage is learning to drive with a licensed driver
● And the third stage is passing the provincial road test after 8-12 months of driving)

Rules & regulations

While you have your G1 driving license there are a number of rules and regulations you must comply with that are specific to your license:

● Anytime you are driving you must always be accompanied and supervised by a driver with at least 4 years of G license experience
● You are not allowed to drive between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.
● You are not allowed to drive on any roads/highways with required speeds of more than 80km per hour unless accompanied by a licensed driving instructor
● Your blood alcohol level must always be at 0.00%
● You must never have more passengers than seatbelts in the car
● If you choose to enroll in an approved driving course (such as the ones offered by All Pass Driving) you can reduce your G1 to G2 waiting time from 12 to 8 months.

Meet your driving needs

Following the 8-12 month G1 period, once you have successfully passed the G2 road exam and have your G2 license, you are now legally licensed to drive on your own. However, you must still continue to always maintain a 0.00% blood alcohol level at all times while behind the wheel, and must continue to observe the passenger-to-seat belt rule mentioned above.

Our main goal is to help you met your driving needs. Contact All Pass Driving today and become one of millions of Ontarians who enjoy the responsibilities and freedom of a full driving license.

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very informative and helpful course.

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