Emergency Maneuver/Defensive Driving Techniques

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  • Defensive Driving TechniquesEMERGENCY MANEUVER COURSE

  • Gravel Shoulder recovery Steer & Avoid
  • Head on collision Avoidance (HOC)
  • Rear Crash Avoidance (RCA)
  • Swerve and Avoid (SAA)
  • Advanced Reversing Maneuver Skills
  • Collision Avoidance
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Gravel Shoulder recovery Steer & Avoid

  • Losing control of vehicle ,regain control when your braking system dont work or when you are skidding
  • How to observe and Quik react to avoid Collisions

Head on collision Avoidance (HOC)

  • Teaching you how to swerve and avoid (HOC)
  • Driving on the right lane to avoid Collisions (HOC)
  • Observing and scanning

Rear Crash Avoidance (RCA)

  • Teaching you how to scan the rearview
  • How to detect distracted drivers
  • Quick reaction on HOH steering method

Swerve and Avoid (SAA)

  • Teaching you how to avoid an object fallen into your path
  • How to regain proper control of the vehicle
  • Proper Braking Techniques /Stopping Distances

Advanced Reversing Maneuver Skills

  • How to keep your car straight while backing
  • How to pin point & Observe , 60m Distance
  • How to back right/left or Circle