MTO Approved Curriculum for Sale

Why Choose Our Curriculum

  1. On Text Book and Power Point for easy Teaching
  2. Save up to $2,000 yearly with Buying All Pass Curriculum
  3. All Pass Driving School Curriculum is currently used by many Driving Schools in Ontario
  4. Easy to teach for the instructor
  5. Easy to understand and learn for Students
  6. Less Papers to keep in File
  7. One time purchase

What Does This Package Include?

  1. Instruction Manual (40 Hours Total) Class Room 20 Hours In-Vehicle 10 Hours Homelinks 10 Hours
  2. Text Book For In-Class Instructor
  3. In-Class materials and Handouts (including 10 hours of homelinks)
  4. Evaluation sheets (for quizes, test, presentation and group debates)
  5. Power Points of all the text book content
  6. 18 DVDs containing Driver Instruction for In-Class Sessions
  7. 19 Quizes divided by 4 Sessions along with answer sheets
  8. 1 Final Exam

We offer a two hour free Instructor training for our curriculum.

For Price Info Please Call at 416-953-7277 Or Toll Free 877-595-7277