Terms & Conditions

Please Note: Upon Submitting this Registration you have agreed to all Terms & Conditions of All Pass Driving School Ltd. You can download a copy of our All Pass Contract / terms & conditions here.


All Pass In-Vehicle COVID-19 Liability Waiver Agreement

We request all out students/Parents  to read and fully agree to this Liability Waiver agreement .

Health Disclosure Declaration

I am perfectly healthy and I don’t have any symptoms of Fever, cough, difficulty breathing ,muscle aches ,fatigue headache, sore throat, runny nose and diarrhea
I know that I must  wear face mask ,gloves and  bring my own hand sanitizer  during all my driving lessons .
I am also aware that All Pass may check my body’s temperature prior getting in their Vehicle to start  my driving lessons .
I and my all  house hold members have not travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days and neither I have been in contact with someone in my house hold/work place who have been sick or  in contact with Covid patient in the last 14 days


All Pass Driving School LTD. And its employees ,officers ,and driving Instructors will take every known precaution possible to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19),however there are certain inherent risk of participating in the In-Car driving lessons which are totally outside the control of our driving school/ driving  instructors.

I student driver/ Parent /Guardian(if applicable)  fully are fully agreeing to all  terms and conditions.
I/we hereby indemnify, remise, release, discharge, acquit and forgive All Pass Driving School LTD. Their employees ,Contractors, Driving Instructors  from all actions ,causes of actions ,suits, duties, demand claims ,cost and expenses of any kind related to any health risk or adverse health related consequences, arising as a result of In-Car driving lessons .

Note: All student drivers must provide and wear own face mask and gloves and bring own hand sanitizer during all In-Car driving lessons, or you will NOT be allowed to enter the vehicle in such case your driving lesson will be cancelled at your own cost,
if your health conditions changes please notify us asap and or reschedule .
Driving lessons can only be scheduled once we are allowed by MTO Ministry of Transportation in Ontario  /Health Canada

416 953 7277 OR EMAIL US TO :   allpasscovidwaiver@gmail.com

Course requirements /Terms and conditions

1. The complete course program consists of a minimum 40 hours 20 hours of in-class instruction, 10 hours home work and 10 hours of driving instruction in automatic vehicle with a qualified driving instructor arranged by appointments only

2. The student may pay in full at registration or start the course with a minimum of 50% down payment, however, the student must pay the outstanding balance in full at least 2 weeks before starting the in-car training

3. All packages (Bronze ,Silver,Gold and Diamond) are credited the same for Certification, the difference between them are more Driving and Road Test Services, please read full course Package page for more details to make a right selection for your self /Child

4. WHEN COURSE IS FULLY COMPLETED A fee of $12.00 will be charged by Service Ontario upon receiving your certification document called DRIVER’S HISTORY needed for insurance discount , it will take 1-3 business days to process your Course Completion Certification after you complete your final driving lesson ,its strongly recommended not to book your G2 Road Test appointment until you confirm with All Pass Driving School ,this is to make sure you are certified or else Drive Test will not allow you to take your G2 Road Test with in 8 months

5. You must hold a current, valid G1 driving license, in order to start your In-Car driving lessons.

6. We Need Minimum 12 registrations students per each In-Class course in order to RUN/START the course OR we may cancel your selected course ,and you must Re-Register for any upcoming courses, your $100 course Deposit is refundable if you cant attend the upcoming courses .

7. The student must provide at least 72 Hours 3 days notice to his/her driving instructor in case of G2 Road Test cancellation to avoid $53 extra charge by Drive Test charged at 48 hours .

8. The student can not exceed more than 60 minutes of driving time on the day he/she attends the classroom. And Maximum 2 hours on any other day.

9. If a scheduled in-car lesson must be cancelled, you must notify your driving Instructor or All Pass Driving Minimum 24 Hours prior to your Driving appointment Or you will be Charged $70+HST Per each hour missed, NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. With any full course Packages such as Bronze,Silver,Gold & Diamond you must complete 10 hours of Driving lessons within 180 days /6 months  or sooner from the date of your registration or you must re-register and complete 20 hours of Classes all over again  in such case this will cost you an extra $250+HST  (some conditions may apply )

11. For any legitimate concerns or complaints you must call our Head office at 416-953-7277 and ask for The Manager within  24 hours of incident.

12. The student is aware that course certification may be denied by All Pass Driving for the following reasons.
a The student failing to complete the minimum required hours (20 h class, 10 h home links, 10 h driving, total 40 hours)

b. The Student is not able to complete the entire full course Minimum 40 Hours with in 6 months/180 days  from Registration date.

13. All Pass Driving School can not provide in car driving instructions in the drive test area or drive test route or any restricted area since its illegal by Drive Test.

14. All Pass Driving School will take no responsibility in case of G1 Exit Road Test failure during Road Exam with Drive Test, extra payment required if student want to re-use All Pass Car for Road Test.

15. If you miss any In-class Session you must make up for the same missing class with next course only, In-Class sessions must be completed by order of 1-2-3-4

16. Please Note :You must email us the DRIVER EVALUATION REPORT(Given to you by your In-Car Instructor after you complete 10 Hours of Driving ) you and your parent (if applicable) must sign and email it to allpassconfirm@gmail.com ASAP This is required to process your certification ( IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YOUR PARENT MUST EMAIL ) failure to email the confirmation may result in delaying your G2 Road Test Booking .

17. NSF Cheques Payments will be charged extra $52.00

18. To Complete Registration you must Pay $100 Course Deposit/ Down Payment with any Full Course Package , & it will be Deducted from the Total amount of your selected Full Course Package Please Note:*** Deposits are None Refundable but it is Transferable within the next 6 months or upcoming 3 Courses . You must provide a minimum 7 days notice to re-schedule your registered  In-Class course or you will lose $100 Course Deposit NO EXCEPTIONS

19.Please Note: In case of a mechanical failure or collision during the In-Car driving lessons or Road Test day ,student Driver must arrange own transportation at their own expense.

20. I, the student, certify that statements in the this document are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation ,Insurance Bureau of Canada and MTO Course Inspector .

21. I, the undersigned student, have read and understood all the above conditions and further agree to comply with them