Learning with in-car curriculum

Applying classroom knowledge on the road

In-car curriculum is the part of drivers ed that most students are apprehensive about: getting behind the wheel. Putting your hands on that steering wheel and starting a car for the first time (or even if you are long time driver in need of a refresher) can be intimidating. The responsibility can hit you like a wave and, understandably, many people end up feeling dwarfed by the moment. Fortunately, the combined power of All Pass’ classroom learning and experienced driving instructors means there is really nothing to worry about. Our in-car curriculum will teach you the following (but not limited to):

● Basic orientation (including pre-driving checks, using your eyes, and scanning your environment)
● Car maneuvering (including backing up, parking, parallel parking)
● City driving (turning, changing lanes, and monitoring speed)
● Driving in traffic (including turns, following, U-turns, and navigation)
● Intersection practice and understanding
● Scanning proper observation
● Collision avoiding techniques
● Defensive driving Skills
● Night Driving
● Winter driving skills
● Right of way rules
● Driving in bad weather
● Constant lesson review
● High speed driving (including highway driving, changing lanes, merging and exiting)
● Road test evaluation (including G2/G road test preparation, lesson recap and test, student-directed practice)

In-Car Curriculum

Please Note: you can start driving lesson anytime you want within maximum 1 year of registration date but please be advised that , Driving Lessons must be completed within 4-6weeks once started. this means that you can not pro-long driving lesson longer than 6 weeks.

For more details please call All Pass location near you.

Lesson 1: Orientation

  • Pre-Driving Checks
  • Control Devices, Controls, Accelerations, Brakes
  • Accessories and Gauges
  • Starting and Stopping the engine
  • Driving Forward and Braking techniques
  • How to use your eyes, where to look

Lesson 2: Maneuvering your Car

  • Backing the car, different directions
  • Turing a corner ,Pulling In and Out into Traffic
  • Residential driving, Kinds of Stop signs
  • Right of Way observance
  • Steering and Speed Control

Lesson 3: City Driving

  • Right turns, Smith System of Defensive driving
  • How to change lanes, Mirror checks
  • Speed Control

Lesson 4: Driving in Traffic

  • Following distance rule
  • Three point turns
  • Two point turns
  • U-Turns
  • Turning around the Block

Lesson 5: Intersections

  • Lefts Turns, Choosing the right Lane to drive
  • Right Turns, Speed Control while Turning
  • Heavy traffic driving, Lane changes
  • Space Management

Lesson 6: Review

  • Review of the past five lessons
  • Road Evaluation

Lesson 7: Parking

  • Parallel parking
  • Parking on a Hill (Up and Down Hill parking)
  • Emergency Parking

Lesson 8: Parking Made Easy

  • Perpendicular parking
  • Parking Positions
  • Angle Parking
  • Backing in and out

Lesson 9: Driving on High Speed roads

  • Highway Curves and Shoulders
  • Passing on a Two-Lane Highway
  • Freeway driving
  • Entering
  • Lane changes
  • Exiting

Lesson 10: Road Test evaluation

  • Preparation for G2 Road Test
  • Test Recap and Evaluation
  • Review of the past Maneuver upon the Student Choice

Reminder: We also teach most of the driving Maneuvers during each and every Lesson for better learning. You will Get   Driver Progress Card  for better learning and  driving practice with each  Lesson .

What to know

Before you begin your in-car curriculum with All Pass, however, there are some things to keep in mind. You can start driving lessons once you complete all 20 hours of In-Class training you must finish entire course within one year/365 days or your course will expire this is MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario regulations), its high recommended to start and complete your driving lessons within 1-3 months. The reason for this is that we want to provide you with the skills you need in as short a time as possible, while making sure that material stays in fresh in your mind, so that you are able to recall the necessary information and driving competencies when getting your license and Pass your Road Exam.

Feel comfortable driving

Once you’ve completed the in-car driving lessons and driven with an All Pass driving instructor, you will feel much more competent and comfortable on the road. Driving should be enjoyable and, after just ten short lessons with us, you will feel like a natural behind the wheel and will be fully equipped to handle driving on Ontario roads. Contact us today and let us set up your in-car driving lessons so you can pass your license examination with ease.

The content was relevant and made me feel more confident with my driving skills.The Instructor was great he moved with the pace of the class and made the learning interesting ,he also gives lots of tips on how to Pass your G2 road test.  

- Avery Birchard -

Was an all good pleasant experience .My In class Instructor Bruce allowed me to learn variety of new information about defensive driving .He not only told us points but he further explained them and gave examples,which helped me better understand ,I highly recommend All Pass to everyone .

- Kayla Barrette -

All Pass is amazing driving school I really enjoyed the learning atmosphere,and the Instructors are very helpful really do recommend ALL PASS

- Emily Felix -

Amazing course I recommend to everyone to go to All Pass. I heard from my friends at school that All Pass is better and more efficient than other driving school .It is a great way to get your G2 faster the instructor Bruce was very helpful and he taught at the pace of the class,while making sure everyone was understanding and following the lessons. I feel very confident on the roads Thanks to This Course and All Pass

- Kerri Dunlop -

very informative and helpful course.

- Kara Phillips -

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